Hear What Our Alumni Have To Say

Jason S, Bimini & Utila Programs Alumni, New York

Lisa J, Mermaids Only Alumni, Louisiana

“Our 'Mermaids Only' itinerary in Grand Cayman was very thoughtfully planned and covered everything we might want to see and do. From the moment we arrived, and until our farewell that came all too soon, I was exceptionally pleased with Lisa’s selection of accommodations, dive staff, off-site dining options, and recreational activities. It was a very relaxed trip and I had a great time making fun memories with new dive buddies! 


Lisa emphasized safety first at all times on land and at sea! “Plan your dive and dive your plan.” She also did extensive research of the island and I felt very comfortable venturing away from our resort. Lisa’s dedication to her craft is excelled by none and I eagerly look forward to our next trip together. I am also excitedly looking forward to the day my grandson is old enough to attend SeaSmart SCUBA Camp with Lisa and her staff."

Laura M, Mermaids Only and SeaSmart Family Program Alumni, New Jersey

"Diving with Lisa Mc is a fabulous experience. I highly recommend going on one of her trips. I went with Lisa to Grand Cayman. Admittedly I was initially a bit nervous about going on a trip with people I didn't know, but Lisa knew we'd get along fine. The trip was so well planned...Lisa kept everything so  organized. Truly amazing experience and I now also have a new friend, (and have become a fan of LSU!). 


I also went with Lisa to the Dominican Republic with my son so he could get certified and learn  about life in the ocean.  From the beginning I was impressed  with Lisa's professionalism and "safety first" mentality.  She made sure that his homework was done! The trip was so much fun.   So fantastic to pass along scuba to your child and know he/she is in safe hands. All around, I trust Lisa McIntyre and SeaSmart for a great diving experience!"