Our Team

Lisa McIntyre
Executive Director 

Lisa has always felt strongly about conservation. Lisa grew up on the waters of Long Island, boating and developing a respect for our oceans. Through the years, she has watched our oceans struggle to survive. She feels strongly that students need to be educated about the environment so that they can make smarter decisions and become agents of change. Lisa serves on the board of a K-12 charter school, is a National Geographic certified educator and understands that learning through hands-on experience is impactful and empowering. She has shared messages about the importance of our oceans with scout troops and students. She is also a passionate scuba diver.  As a professional PADI Divemaster affiliated with the largest dive shop in New York City, she enjoys sharing her passion with new and returning scuba divers. Lisa also serves as an international ambassador for Girls That Scuba, the largest women's SCUBA organization. She enjoys being a member of the Hoboken Green Team and the NYC Sea Gypsies. With these goals in mind, Lisa set out to protect our oceans by educating students through SeaSmart. Lisa, along with members of the SeaSmart team, will accompany students on travel programs, along with their local dive guides and instructors.

Email Lisa at lisa.mcintyre@seasmartocean.org.

Eva Paredes
Director of Education 

Evangelina Pena is a science teacher with a passion for the ocean and conservation. She graduated from Rutgers University with a Bachelor of Science in Biological Oceanography and Environmental Science and a Masters in Teaching. Eva worked as an environmental scientist for approximately 3 years where she learned about conservation and mitigation efforts. Furthermore, Eva is part of the National Geographic Community as a Certified Educator, and a NJ School of Conservation Senior Scholar. Her background and experience provide a deep understanding of how to connect our natural and urbanized worlds. Through SeaSmart, her goal is to provide participants a better understanding and appreciation for the ocean, as well as continue conservation efforts. Eva loves SCUBA diving, and she spent a summer helping restore coral reefs in the Florida Keys. She also had the opportunity to participate in research where undergraduate students analyzed and surveyed ongoing research associated with invasive species in the Cayman Islands. In her free time, she also enjoys hiking and going on walks with her dog Brody. Email Eva at eva.paredes@seasmartocean.org.

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Jane McConnell
Board Treasurer 

Jane is passionate about conserving the earth's natural resources and feels committed to the mission of the SeaSmart organization.  She has always believed that the best way to learn is by active engagement and experience.  She spent 3 years as a special educator in Hudson County NJ and served as a volunteer fundraiser for a K-12 charter school where she managed incoming donations and events for 7 years.  She currently works as a business analyst for a global financial services corporation.  She has never actually done any scuba diving but enjoys snorkeling. Being part of the SeaSmart family may be just the thing to move her to the next level! 

Casey McIntyre
Advocacy Educator and Marketing Manager 

Casey McIntyre combines her background in media and law with her passion for the ocean to help SeaSmart share their mission and experiences with the world! She graduated from Villanova University with a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science along with Communications, Global Health, and Art minors, and is currently attending Brooklyn Law School. She received her PADI certification in 2015 and has been diving ever since. She has held leadership positions and run events in various recreational, educational, and professional settings.  Casey is helpful when it comes to the political and legal sides of ocean conservation, and assists in course planning in these areas. She also utilizes her Global Health and Art experience to expand the ways we think about and interact with environmental topics. In her free time, she loves to hike, read, paint, and spend time with her friends and family. As a student herself, Casey is a great resource for any SeaSmart students with questions about school, career planning, and anything else, so feel free to reach out to her directly at casey.mcintyre@brooklaw.edu

Patti Gallagher
Director of Development

Patti had a successful career as a reinsurance underwriter for 21 years. She was a Trustee and Chairperson of her children’s school’s Foundation. The Foundation is a non-profit organization that raises money through fundraising events, capital campaigns and annual giving. This money is solely invested in the  school, the children, the teachers, educational programs, infrastructure and technology. Patti volunteers with the St. Francis Breadline for the Poor and its food pantry, and volunteered as an intergenerational reader for the Union Settlement, reading to kindergarten and first grade students at Central Park East elementary school. She has been a charity runner numerous times, for causes that help  children. Patti and her husband Chris are certified SCUBA divers.  She appreciates the importance of a healthy ocean and recognizes the need to expand experience and knowledge across all student demographics.  Patti looks forward to giving others the opportunity to dive through her work with SeaSmart. 

Nella Craft
Junior Ambassador

Nella is a student at the Notre Dame School of Manhattan and started the Notre Dame Marine Biology Club. She has always loved the ocean and after completing the SeaSmart Summer Intensive Program, she realized there is tons more to learn about the ocean. Nella says, "Not only is the ocean fun to learn about, it’s important to learn about as well. The ocean is a critical piece of the earth, and learning about it is the best way to preserve it. My goal for my club is to discover what lives in and relies on the ocean, effects humans have on the ocean, and how to help save the ocean."