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Seeking High School minority women (and nonbinary people!) with an interest in ocean conservation, marine biology, and SCUBA for scholarship assistance to attend SeaSmart’s Summer 2025 Program.

Talent and passion are evenly distributed, but opportunity is not. SeaSmart hopes to provide qualified students with an opportunity to explore their interest in ocean conservation, marine biology and SCUBA diving. This scholarship is offered to address the underrepresentation of women and minorities in marine science studies and will award funding to support their participation in the SeaSmart Summer 2025 program. 


The SeaSmart team will review applications and choose scholars based on demonstrated interest in marine science, ocean conservation, and/or related fields. The scholarship covers all program expenses of the summer trip as described below.



  • Are a member of a minority group(s). (Including but not limited to: Black, Latina, Native American, LGBTQ+.)  We are excited to hear your unique story!

  • Have a demonstrated interest in marine science, ocean conservation and/or a related field as well as in learning to SCUBA dive.

  • Are currently enrolled as a high school student in the United States. 



Who will determine the scholarship recipient?

Scholarship applications will be reviewed and the recipient will be determined by the Leadership Team of SeaSmart.  

Why is this scholarship targeting women and minorities?

Historically, women, people of color and other minorities have been underrepresented in marine sciences.   Whether by redirection in their interests and studies, or underexposure to experiences leading to potential pursuit of these studies, these students generally require assistance in obtaining access to such topics. 


How much money, outside of the scholarship, is required to attend the summer program?

Airfare to and from the program location, which cannot be quoted as it fluctuates, will need to be funded by the attendee.  In addition, the PADI Open Water eLearning pre-work will need to be funded by the attendee.  Currently, the cost of this is $200, though is subject to PADI’s pricing.  Money for incidentals, such as airport snacks and beverages, souvenirs, etc. will be self-funded as well.  

NOTE: Thanks to a generous partnership with the LiveLikeJayG3 scholarship, one scholarship recipient may qualify for airfare expenses up to $800 as well.  See application for more info.


Are any prerequisites required to attend?

You do not need to be SCUBA certified to attend this program, as SCUBA training and potential certification is included. Students for this program must be minimally 15 years old when the program begins.

Check back January 2025 to apply!

The scholarship application will reopen January 1st, 2025 for the summer 2025 program. Be sure to register with the link below to be kept up-to-date on future SeaSmart programs and opportunities. 

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