Summer 2022


We are headed to the southern Baja peninsula for the incredible marine life and research that is happening there.  Famously called “the world’s aquarium” by oceanographer Jacques Cousteau, the Sea of Cortez is one of the most biologically diverse bodies of water on Earth. The ocean habitat supports super-pods of more than 1,000 dolphins, schools of jumping mobula rays, and colonies of sea lions along the coastline. It is home to nearly 900 species of fish, including 77 found nowhere else on the planet. At least 26 species of seabirds breed on the islands. The Sea of Cortez, where the desert meets the sea, also serves as a major feeding and breeding zone for large marine mammals, including blue, humpback, grey, sperm, pilot, Baird’s beaked, and Bryde’s whales.


Partnering with local conservationists, marine scientists and dive professionals, the program promises to offer exciting and exceptional experiences.  Think sea turtle sanctuaries, shark tagging and research, whale conservation activities, mobula ray studies, sea lion snorkeling and diving, PADI dive and conservation studies and more! 


Stay tuned for more details as they develop! To be updated on more information, please register via our contact form and indicate your interest in the Summer 2022 trip. 

SeaSmart Summer 2022 is shaping up already, and we couldn’t be more excited!