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"Don't Over Catch Because Sharks Can't Catch Up"  By: Maya, PA (5th Grade)

"According to NOAA Fisheries, "As one of the top ocean predators, sharks play an important role in the food web and help ensure balance in the ocean’s ecosystem." Sharks grow and reproduce slowly, so if people catch too many sharks, then there won't be as many sharks in the ocean. Therefore, it is important to educate people about the importance of shark conservation efforts. I chose this topic because many people are afraid of sharks. Some people may think that the ocean would be a safer place to swim without sharks in it, but sharks are very important to the ocean. I used to be afraid of sharks, but now I realize that sharks are important to the ecosystem. I used colored pencils, markers, and a thin Sharpie marker to create my poster. My poster shows a person fishing for more sharks when he already caught one. It also shows the beauty of the ocean."


 By: R.L., NY (7th Grade)

"This painting represents all the pollution in our oceans. It shows how harmful plastic is to the ocean and all of its creatures. Most species that live in the ocean are endangered because of this. We could stop this by reusing and recycling. we should also stop using plastic and try using paper, metal, or etc."



  • Any student may enter. Entrants may enter as many pieces of work as they wish to. Each piece should be submitted separately.  

  • Entrant’s art submission: 

    • can be in any visual medium

    • must communicate some message regarding ocean conservation (problems and/or solutions!)

    • should include a photo of their art along with a brief explanation of their submission (what is the message, how did you communicate it, what medium did you use, why did you focus on this topic, etc.)

  • Deadline for submissions is July 19th, 2020. 

  • Please submit your art using the below link. 

  • The contest winner will be chosen by July 24th, 2020. Winner will receive a SeaSmart prize pack and have their art featured on SeaSmart’s social media pages!

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