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Summer 2020

We held an incredible, sold-out session. 

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Hear from a Coral Restoration Foundation intern about the course their organization taught at our Summer Online Intensive!

Online Intensive: Investigating Challenges and Solutions for the Ocean and its Inhabitants
Plastic Polluted Ocean
Woman Studying

Are you in middle school or high school and love learning about the ocean and its inhabitants?  Are you looking for something fun and constructive representing summer 2020 on your HS/College application or portfolio? 


We will explore who is living in the ocean environment and what challenges they face, as well as what is being done to mitigate those challenges and what else can be done.   Each day will focus on a subject or species, with learning, fun activities and expert guest speakers.


  • Monday-Friday, June 29-July 3rd, 2020

  • 10:30am-12:30pm ET

  • Topics include: 

    • Invasive species, such as Lionfish;

    • Vulnerable & endangered species, such as sharks and whale sharks;

    • Coral Reef Conservation;

    • Ethical debates around marine conservation, such as dolphinariums, shell collecting and tourism, and shark dives;

    • Ocean advocacy through art;

    • Introductory SCUBA 101 learning, where we can blow virtual bubbles!


While we request a donation of $50 for the week; we welcome anyone to participate regardless of their ability to donate.  There is a 25 student maximum for the week.  


This week promises to offer educational fun and online adventure.  SeaSmart is a nonprofit organization, that runs marine biology, ocean conservation and SCUBA programs.  100% of the $50 fee will be donated toward a scholarship fund for students without financial means to participate in our programs.  To register, check the “Summer 2020 - Online Intensive” box on our contact page, or click the below button. We will be in touch to confirm your place in the class.  Participants MUST be registered by June 22nd. 

For more information, call 201-960-2363 or email

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