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Who Let The Moms Out? Who? Who?

Moms work hard for their families, there’s no question! So, when you ask scuba moms what they want to do when they can have girl time, guess what they say?! 

Organizing a girls’ trip is tricky, especially if everyone doesn’t know each other.  To ensure a successful time, it is important to canvass the group on their individual priorities before planning.  

Budgets must be first considered…are we staying local?  Flying somewhere?  Amazing girls’ trips can take place within a day or a week.  

Not surprisingly, a driving consideration is food…is all inclusive the way the group wants to go? Prefer to cook some meals?  Maybe you like to eat at different restaurants during the trip?  These answers will guide what kind of meal plans you will want to have as options. 

How much diving? I am fortunate with my girls. We.  Dive.  Every. Day.   So we prefer a true dive resort over a traditional hotel or house rental.  Roll us out of bed, along through breakfast and onto the boat with our equipment handy in a nearby locker.  There may even be a liveaboard group trip in our future, when we can commit a little bit more time to our trip.  

It’s helpful to gauge who is an after-dive cocktail and napper, versus the on-the-go, what’s the next adventure girl.  Ideally you can find a locale for all types or those that like a little of both! The same goes for evening entertainment – some do not care about what’s going on, diving into a relaxing night and early bedtime – and others like some nightlife after a day underwater.  

What you don’t plan for is the incredibly empowering feeling of trying something new together…for example a shore dive!  (My husband has no interest, so how wonderful to have a group of friends to try it with and share this joint “first!”).  Oh, and the laughing!  You just can’t make up what goes on and the memories made. After the trip, the group texts keep the fun alive.  The experience continues to bond our evolving group all year long.  It’s really very special.  

We have come to adore our annual #mermaidsonly trip.  In fact, we are planning our next one.  Grab some girlfriends and plan yours too.  

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